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  • Enviro gridTM with honeycomb three dimensional structure.
  • Enviro gridTM with a soil confinement system a horizontal direction of material surface.
  • Synthetic materials which can be used for erosion control of scopes,embankment,wateredge to increase bearing capacity of the soil underneath.



Cells of Enviro GridTM material will reduce the flow of surface water.

  • The analysis of the overall stability of the slope – whether it is an erosion or other complications. Analysis of flow resistance on a cope surface.
  • The design of the anchor ,increase the adhesion of the soil to the material surface in case the friction on the material surface is not adequated.


  1. Adjust the soil existing which the material will be installed.
  2. Install the geotextile to separate the layers of materials.
  3. Install Enviro gridTM by attaching one side with anchor along the width of the cell panel. After that, stretch the cell across the length to cover the area as specified by the technical recommendation, then attach the other side using anchor.
  4. Fill the cells with mixed soil until they are slightly overfilled. Then compact the soil in the cells. If the compacted soil goes down lower than the height of the cell, fill in more soil and re-compact it until achieving the desired solidness and the soil levels with the edge of the material.





Material                                    : Polyethylene (PE)

Color                                        : Black

Grass coverage                       : 99%

Model GS 50-300 GS 100-330 GS 150-350
Cell Height (mm.) 50 100 150
Distance of Welding (weld to weld) 300 330 350
Thickness (mm.) 1.5 1.5 1.5
Expanded Width (mm.) 2440 2440 2440
Expanded Length (mm.) 4040 4040 4040
Covered Area (sqm.) 9.8 9.8 9.8