About Green Inspired

The current global warming crisis has resulted in hotter temperatures, rapid weather changes, and frequent natural disasters, this is due to the significant reduction of forest area. Green Inspired was founded by a group of architects and engineers who love the trees, the environment and has expertise in green space and environment. Green Inspired aims to be a part of society, to increase green space and restore the environment and nature back to the city.

Green Inspired was established in 1979 to design, manufacture and distribute environmental conservation units and green spaces, soil protection products and environmental engineering. We also provide consultancy services on landscape improvement and green management within a comprehensive project, both for the public and private sectors, with the team of architects, landscape architects and qualified environmental consultants with knowledge, ability and experience in the environment for a long time to create innovation and products that meet the needs of customers and meet international standards.

Green Inspired aims to innovate from a variety of materials for different purposes but also retains quality and environmental protection, such as recycled plastics, bioplastics from natural waste with high durability, natural materials such as palm fiber or coconut fiber for the purpose of increasing green space, renew and improve the environment of buildings and projects and to reduce the cost of environmental management also reduce energy consumption in buildings and to improve the quality of life of building users by using innovative environmental solutions.