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VERTICAL GRIDTM is a modular composite green wall system

Comprising of non-degradablegrowing media layer and water retention material to store the right balance of air and water necessary to encourage healthy plant growth.

VERTICAL GRIDTM is an ideal for improve both indoor &outdoor environment especially for any limit areaReduce the urban heat island effect and improve the microclimate.

VERTICAL GRIDTM is an ideal material to improve the credit and rating of thegreen building design for long term sustainableenvironment.




  • Interior and exterior decorative wall
  • Green building facade
  • Screen wall, hoarding, installation panel
  • Landscape Feature wall, creative green wall, art installation
  • Dust and noise barrier wall


  • Lightweight and Slim modular panel
  • Allow for flexibility in planting selection and arrangement
  • Easy plant replacement for maintenance or design change
  • Quick and easy to install
  • allow for vertical & horizontal expansion
  • Cost effective




  1. Determine sizing and design of greenwall and consult to GREENINSPIRED for support or irrigation detail.
  2. Prepare for growing plant by cut the panel as size of root ball and plant, a panel can grow 10-18 plant.
  3. Tear part the cut line and fill a plant in the plant pocket with fertilizer
  4. Use the back string to attach the VERTICAL GRIDTM to wall or support structure then manual watering or install automatic irrigation system and consult GREENINSPIRED as needed.







-Material              : Geotextile ,Felt ,PP

-Dimensions        : 640 x 360 x 50 mm.

-Weight               : 1.5 kg.

-Color                  : Black