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Eco Green Wall

Eco Green Wall is precast green wall with 32 planting pockets. Each green wall panel is 60 cm wide and 120 cm long, made from Geotextile, felt and PVC foam sheet which is resistant to sunlight and rain.

Eco Green Wall helps in adding the vertical green space on both interior and exterior walls, creates shady area and reduce the ambient temperature.



Applications of Eco Green Wall

  • Decorative wall panel for interior and exterior
  • Exterior wall of architecture
  • Screen, project sign board, temporary wall
  • Landscape decorative wall, wall art
  • Dust and noise barrier





  • Economical and cost effective because the panel is large but affordable
  • Made from weather-resistant materials (sunlight and rain)
  • Easy to install and save time
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Easy to change patterns and types of plants
  • Easy to maintain
  • Width or height can be increased by increasing the number of panels and can also be cut to fit the space
  • Suitable for automatic irrigation system installation