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BOUSOU SHEET™ (Weed control sheet)

BOUSOU SHEET is an ecology innovation for weed control and inspiring people to save the ground surface from chemical fertilizer.

  • Killing existing weeds and grass roots and controlling birth of new coming grass permanently, changing grass to be natural fertilizer. Saving cost, time, and manpower, with at least 3 years usage life depend on way of using and land condition
  • High permeability
  • Good moisture and temperature control, improve soil condition





  • Weeding innovation without using chemicals
  • Made from synthetic fibers Spunbond “polyester”
  • Strengthen the ground against insects and disease.
  • Originated from 100% Japanese technology with
  • the uniqueness of air flow and water permeability
  • Make the soil “breathable” maintain temperature and
  • Moisture and bring balance to all plants.
  • Resistant to sun, rain, with a long product life.
  • Prevent sinking of footpath slab or decorative gravel.





Model         : BS90

Material     : Polyester (Spunbond)

Color          : Black

Thickness    : 0.94 mm.

Dimension  : 1 x 100 m (100 sq.m per roll)

: 2 x 100 m ( 200 sq.m per roll)