Green Mat

Eco Blanket Green Mat composed of Coconut fiber that Coconut fiber could be decomposed naturally (Biodegradable) within 2 years. The fiber acts as a humidifier and shade for the seeds to flourish to prevent the erosion of the soil. The fabric is made by the most modern German machines for high standards.

Polypropylene PP Netting The net acts as a tensile force when installed on slopes or bridges where other forces such as drains. There are 3 types of Eco Blankets.

• Model 45 consists of coconut fiber with thin PP mesh on both sides, apply to 0-45 degree slope according to the peaking.

• Model 60 consists of coconut fiber, meshed with thick PP top mesh and thin version below, apply to a 60 degree slope according to the peaking.

• The max model consists of coconut fiber with PP mesh on both sides. Suitable for sloping areas over 60 degrees or drainage ditches that are not flooded all the time.


Eco Log composed of Coconut Fiber, Wattle Netting Packing coconut fiber inside the log. Diameter 12 cm and 16 cm, length 3.50 m. It is used for

• To keep the sludge from a high level, not to flow down.

• To protect plants while the root is not strong enough from washing away.

• To reduce the speed of water on steep slopes or check dams.

• Reduce the power of water.

• Replacing the soil and nourish seedlings such as vetiver to grow into permanent protection after the breakdown of the Eco Log.

• Sediment retention on sloping ground, open bush or forest fire also protect the bushes by the rainfall to the water source below.

• Change the water flow to the desired direction when used in conjunction with an Eco Blanket.




Components and Uses

The blanket consists of natural fibers that are woven into the fabric and then sewn together with reinforced netting by the modern machine to support the vertical and horizontal tensile strengths. The blanket has its tensile strength value as shown in Table 1.



When the blanket is rolled from the roll, it must be flat, not stretch or shrink throughout the entire roll. The average weight is not less than 250 g / m2. With the ability of light penetration allowance and the ability to store moisture in itself, when installed to cover the surface, it can stimulate seeds to germinate and grow. The Eco Blanket can act as a ground cover crops to prevent water erosion while plants are not developed enough to maintain the soil itself.




• Natural fibers used in production must be biodegradable with its usable life after installation for not less than 1 year, such as coconut fiber.
• Reinforcing mesh made of synthetic materials, Polypropylene (PP). The material is consistent throughout itself and could be decomposed (Photo-degradable) itself with its useable life after installation for at least 2 years.




1. In the general case (see Figure 1), remove residues such as stones, roots, branches, or other foreign matter from the area where the blanket is to be installed. Use a smoothing rake. Pour Ruzi grass seed in the amount of at least 1 kg / 200 m2, shovel the soil to the front of 3-5 cm deep. If the soil is hard, use the spade to sow the seeds. After that, cover the soil. Press the blanket until it attached firmly to the surface and then fastened with wooden pins or other materials as recommended by the manufacturer. The pins must be spaced around 1.00 – 1.50 m, depending on the type of soil and the slope (see Figure 2). The length of the clamping pins must be sufficient to be buried in the soil without rocking or slipping due to surface water. The boundary of the blanket must be at least 10 cm wide, both vertical and horizontal, according to model B, C and D at its above and below of the protection area. There should be a drainage channel to drain the water out as show in model A, which stores the end of the blanket as shown in model E.





2. In the case of sloping ground is very long, open the drainage way down the slope all around 20 m or where there is a trace of water flow. (See model F)

3. If the soil to grow grass lacked organic substances. Fertilizer for 1 kg / 5 m2 or chemical fertilizer 15-15-15 in 1 kg / 25 m2., then sow the grass and install the Eco Blanket follow ( See Details B, C and D )

4. In the case of drought-prone installation is not conducive to germination, apply insecticide to grass seed before landfill to prevent grass seed being destroyed by ants before entering the rainy season. To accelerate germination with water, be careful while pour the water from the power pump damage the blanket. Spray the water up into the air and falls in a similar way to rain. (See Detail F)


• Eco blankets are used to prevent erosion of the soil surface in steep areas due to surface water. It cannot prevent soil collapse or slope due to disaster or erosion.

• In case of any conflict during the installation from the recommendations. Please kindly consult GREEN INSPRIED